Talent Acquisition

We are your Partner in this highly specialized role. This function can have strategic importance to a business and it can, in many cases, be the difference in getting a high performance employee.....

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12 month Replacement Guarantee

Our 12 month Replacement Guarantee gives you some peace of mind! If you identify that an employee is unsuitable or the employee decides to leave, within the Guarantee period, we will search for a replacement for you, at no extra charge

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Recognition and Rewards

The first year in any new job can be challenging in many respects! We recognise the effort and contribution our placement has made so far. Our Recognition Rewards Program...

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Employers CHOICE Development

The final 100 days before your employee reaches their first anniversary is an opportunity to reflect and plan for the year ahead. We have been alongside you for the past 9 months and we haven't finished yet!

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To be successful in attracting & retaining the right people for your business, you might consider the following questions! How do you attract the right people for your business? What do you need to consider to ensure you recruit ‘the one’? Once you have found them, how do you keep them? The strategies to attract key talent to work in your business are often very different from those strategies you should employee to retain them. When experiencing the attrition of valued employees, managers often say – they knew what the offer was, nothing has changed so why did they leave?

Who we are?

PeopleSelect is the recruitment company you seek when you require a recruiter in the Sydney CBD and surrounding regions. We are committed to performance and successful outcomes, for both business clients and candidates alike and our consultants’ industry expertise helps us in locating, selecting and placing the right candidate for your business.